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Web Application Scenarios Map

- J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat


  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Application Service Layer
  • Business Components
  • Business Entities
  • Caching
  • Control Rendering
  • Data Protection
  • Data Access
  • Deployment
  • Exception Management
  • Layering
  • Logging and Instrumentation
  • Page Navigation
  • Page Layout (UI)
  • Page Rendering
  • Presentation Entity
  • Request Processing
  • Service Interface
  • Session Management
  • Transactions
  • Validation


Categories Scenarios
Authentication and Authorization Determine your authentication strategy (windows, forms, custom, etc)
Determine infrastructure and business constraints for authentication
Determine your authorization role store (SQL, AD, Custom)
Decide if you will use resource based or roles based authorization
Determine infrastructure and business constraints for authorization
Decide if you will use fine grained or course grained authorization
Determine if you need to use impersonation
Determine if you need to use delegation
Caching Determine cache performance criteria
Determine where to cache data
Determine data to cache
Determine cache expiration policy
Determine how to protect cached data
Control Rendering Design state management policies for controls
Choose a control rendering option (server, client, etc)
Determine which controls are appropriate for the system (out of the box, extended, custom, user).
Determine strategy for custom controls
Exception Management Determine a strategy for exception handling
Determine exceptions your application will throw
Determine error notification strategy for the user
Determine if you need custom exceptions
Design exception logging
Logging and Instrumentation Determine logging technology
Determine error logging strategy
Design for user management logging
Design for business operation logging
Determine how to protect your log files
Determine how to keep sensitive data out of logs
Navigation Design for page navigation (static map, dynamic map, workflows)
Define the site map for the application
Determine how to separate the UI, navigation and business calls
Determine how to pass data between pages
Determine how to preserve page navigation state
Page Layout (UI) Determine your UI requirements
Choose a layout technology (AJAX
Choose a layout methodology (Table based
Determine how to prototype user interaction (wireframes
Page Rendering Determine your page loading and rendering strategy
Determine a strategy for interoperability with your target browser versions
Choose a page rendering technology (AJAX, DHTML, HTML, Silverlight)
Presentation Entity Design a data representation strategy for your presentation layer
Determine if you need custom presentation entities
Service Interface Layer Design the service façade to be accessed by the UI layer / external apps
Identify your target clients and their limitations
Decide the communication mechanism to access the service methods (WCF, WSE, RPC etc)
Determine an error handling strategy
Session Management Determine the data to store in your session
Determine how to manage your session
Determine where to store your session state
Determine how to secure your session
Decide how session state will be handled in a web farm scenario
Validation Determine an input and data validation strategy (which data, which validation approach, etc)
Design a centralized approach to validate input data
Design for layered validation
Determine your client side validation strategy
Determine your server side validation strategy

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