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Service Layer Scenarios Frame

- J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat


  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Communication
  • Data Consistency
  • Messaging Channels
  • Message Construction
  • Message Endpoint
  • Message Protection
  • Message Routing
  • Message Transformation
  • REST
  • SOAP


Categories Scenarios
General Determine transport Vs message based security
Determine your federation strategies.
Determine WS* requirements
Authentication Determine your authentication strategy (Brokered Vs Direct)
Determine relevant authentication patterns.
Determine federated authentication requirements.
Authorization Determine your authorization strategy (Role based, Resource based, claims based, identity based, policy based)
Determine relevant authorization patterns.
Communication Determine your transport protocol
Determine your signing, encryption and encoding strategy.
Determine how to handle asynchronous calls.
Decide if the message communication needs to be on-way or two-way.
Determine how to handle communication reliability.
Determine how to handle idem-potency
Exception Management Determine relevant exception patterns
Determine how to handle exceptions at the boundaries (exception shielding)
Messaging Channels Determine appropriate patterns for messaging channels.
Determine how to intercept and inspect the data between endpoints.
Message Construction Determine appropriate pattern for message constructions (command, document, event, request-reply)
Message Endpoint Determine relevant patterns for message endpoints. (gateway, mapper, competing consumers message dispatcher)
Message Protection Determine relevant patterns for message protection
Determine your strategy for signing and encryption
Determine your strategy for data origin authentication
Message Routing Determine relevant patterns for message routing
Message Transformation Determine relevant patterns for message Transformation
Message Exchange Patterns Determine relevant patterns for message exchange
REST Identify and categorize resources that will be available to clients.
Choose an approach that will be used for resource representation.
Decide if multiple views should be supported for different resources.
SOAP Define the schema for the operations that can be performed by a service.
Define the schema for the data structures passed with a service request.
Define the schema for the errors or faults that can be returned from a service request.
Validation Decide if both incoming and outgoing messages need to be validated.
Define the message validation policy to ensure data is consistent with what the service expects.
Design replay detection mechanism to avoid data inconsistency.

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