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Rich Client Frame

- J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat

There are several common issues that you must consider as your develop your design. These issues can be categorized into specific areas of the design. The following table lists the common issues for each category where mistakes are most often made.

Category Key issues
Communication Choosing the wrong communication protocols and technology
Using synchronous communication methods when asynchronous methods could provide better responsiveness
Failing to properly detect and manage disconnected or occasionally connected scenarios
Using fine-grained “chatty” interfaces across physical tiers
Composition Choosing an inappropriate composition technology
Not managing auto-update and versioning of composable components
Failing to take advantage of appropriate templates and data-binding technologies
Failing to take into account personalization requirements
Configuration Management Failing to manage configuration information correctly
Not securing sensitive configuration information
Failing to identify the appropriate configuration options and information
Failing to take into account Group Policy overrides
Data Access Failing to design support for the appropriate data format, such as custom objects, Table Module, Domain Model, Data Transfer Objects, or DataSets
Failing to manage offline data access, concurrency, and subsequent synchronization correctly
Not minimizing data returned from remote services and layers
Failing to support large sets of data when required
Exception Management Not planning a strategy for handling and managing exceptions
Raising exceptions when not appropriate
Failing to sanitize exceptions and remove sensitive information
Not implementing appropriate logging and auditing functionality
Failing to support administrative and remote management and error-reporting requirements
Controlling application flow with exceptions
State Management Failing to store and manage UI state information correctly
Failing to cache state where appropriate
Choosing an inappropriate cache store
Failing to protect and secure sensitive state information
Failing to support transactions where required
Workflow Failing to design and implement an appropriate workflow or viewflow mechanism
Not implementing error and exception management for workflows and viewflows

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