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Business Layer Scenarios Frame

- J.D. Meier, Alex Homer, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat


  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Business Components
  • Business Entities
  • Caching
  • Concurrency and Transactions
  • Data Access
  • Exception Management
  • Logging
  • Service Interface
  • Validation
  • Workflow


Category Scenarios
Authentication Determine your authentication strategy and technology
Determine your identity store.
Determine where to perform authentication
Determine your trust boundaries
Authorization Determine your authorization strategy.
Choose an authorization technology
Determine your authorization role store (SQL, AD, Custom)
Business Components Learn key principles for designing business components
Determine relevant patterns for business components
Determine design strategy for business rules
Business Entities Learn key principles for designing business entities
Determine relevant patterns for business entities design
Caching Decide what data to cache
Decide where to cache the data
Decide cache Management strategy
Concurrency and Transactions Design for transaction failures
Design for long-running transaction
Design for concurrency
Design for disconnected transactions
Design for asynch scenarios
Data Access Determine how to design for bulk updates
Determine where you place query logic
Choose the data query technology
Determine the data format in your data source
Determine how to map business entities to data source
Choose relevant data access technologies
Determine how to manage data source connections
How to manage data source connection failures
Determine how to flow identity to the data source
Exception Management Determine a strategy for exception management
Design for unhandled exceptions
Determine exceptions the business layer will throw
Determine if you need custom exceptions
Determine strategy for passing exceptions to the caller
Design exception logging
Determine error monitoring and notification requirements
Logging Determine what to log
Determine how to log
Design or recommend reusing available logging framework
Determine how to handle sensitive data
Determine how to throttle logging
Service Interface Determine which operations to expose (app scope)
Determine the granularity of the operations (app scope)
Determine your message structure
Determine how to handle errors and exception
Determine how to handle communication and security
Determine how to handle transactions across service boundaries
Validation Identify the trust boundaries and design for validation of data from untrusted sources
Determine security validation requirements
Workflow Determine your workflow scenarios
Determine how to manage workflow
Determine what technology to use for workflow (WF, Biztalk)
Determine relevant workflow patterns
Determine how to handle errors in workflow

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