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Windows Azure Scenarios

  • Arch & Design
  • Performance
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • SQL Azure
  • AppFabric Access Control
  • AppFabric Service Bus
  • Windows Identity Foundation
  • ASP.NET Apps
  • Services
  • Other

Category Item
Arch & Design * How to dynamically increase or decrease the number of role instances based on load.
* How to use Azure diagnostics to troubleshoot production issues.
* How to provide incremental progress feedback from a worker role (for ex: progress bar).
* How to coordinate multiple worker roles.
* How to call on-premise data stores from Windows Azure.
* How to decide if your application is right for Windows Azure (on-premise vs. cloud, advantages/disadvantages).
* How to create a parallel processing application.
* How to scale horizontally.
* How to scale vertically.
* How to determine the key spots for diagnostics and how to use them when debugging production problems.
* How to monitor the health of an Azure application.
* How to do automated testing against an Azure test deployment, with automated setup and removal of the project so you are not charged when not testing.
* How to manage state in the cloud.
* How to manage logs.
* How to use a distributed cache.
* How to cache data.
* How to design for asynchronous work.
* How to design a loosely coupled system.
* How to design a tightly bound system.
* How to segregate application logic between Azure roles.
Performance * How to design around Azure throttling.
* How to simulate load.
* How to do capacity planning.
* How to access/view performance counters.
* How to compare BLOB storage against VM drives.
* How to measure performance against CRUD.
* How to monitor performance of an Azure or SQL Azure app.
* How to use pooled connections and retry logic to access SQL Azure when accessing outside the data center.
* How to use retry logic to handle failed connections in Azure apps when accessing outside the data center (WCF, OData, REST, etc)
Deployment * How to install an SSL certificate for an Azure ASP.NET app.
* How to create and install a deployment certificate.
* How to determine number of instances of roles to deploy.
* How to roll out a deployment.
* How to roll back a deployment.
* How to deploy applications programmatically through the portal API’s.
Security * How to manage secrets on the web.
* How to upload a key pair to a Windows Azure application.
* How to perform RSA encryption in Windows Azure.
* How to sanitize logged events for sensitive information.
* How to integrate a Windows Azure application to an On-premise Active Directory.
* How to log securely.
* How to protect configuration settings and files.
* How to enable SSL on a web application.
* How to protect REST interfaces.
Windows Azure Storage * How to store a file in WAS.
* How to name storage containers in WAS (what are the restrictions for naming?)
* How to design a scalable partitioning strategy for WAS.
* How to authorize access to BLOBs using Shared Access Signatures
* How to persists a VM drive to Azure Drives.
* How to repartition data.
* How to organize your containers and blobs efficiently.
* How to track/retrieve additional BLOB properties.
* How to programmatically reset and obtain storage access keys.
* How to use queues for IPC.
* How to deploy data to an Azure Drive.
SQL Azure * How to decide between WAS and SQL Azure.
* How to use SQL roles and accounts in conjunction with claims based authentication mechanisms.
* How to implement separation of privileges in SQL Azure.
* How to avoid SQL Azure throttling.
* How to deploy SQL Azure TSQL or DB schemas as part of application deployment process.
* How to backup SQL Azure databases.
* How to restore SQL Azure dbs.
AppFabric Access Control * How to use AC to obtain a SWT token after providing a SAML token.
* How to authorize access to a REST interface.
* How to integrate AC with ADFS.
* How to implement complex logic in claims mapping.
AppFabric Service Bus * How to use the service bus from a Silverlight client.
* How to expose “discoverable” services via the service bus.
* How to use the service bus to expose on-premise services to Windows Azure hosted applications.
* How to authenticate service bus access with AppFabric Access Control.
Windows Identity Framework * How to set up ADFS as an STS for Active Directory.
* How to create a federation provider STS.
* How to create a custom STS.
* How to use a custom claims repository.
* How to request an ActAs token.
ASP.NET Apps * How to connect to SQL Azure.
* How to connect to Windows Azure Storage.
* How to connect to a WCF service with an internal endpoint.
* How to monitor health of other VM instances.
* How to access performance counters from code.
* How to authenticate users using Live ID.
* How to implement a RESTful interface in an ASP.NET application.
* How to encrypt a value using RSA encryption.
* How to access certificates.
* How to manage state in an application.
Services * How to set up transport security for WCF on Windows Azure.
* How to use client certs with a WCF service on Windows Azure.
* How to use on-premise user stores for authentication and authorization.
* How to use internal endpoints with a WCF service.
* How to build a WCF service in a worker role.
* How to expose an on-premise WCF service to a Windows Azure hosted client.
Other Rich Client
* How to access Windows Azure Storage from Silverlight
Development Lifecycle
* How to develop with a team of developers.
* How to manage separation of responsibilities in functional roles.
Windows Azure Portal
* How to deploy an application.
* How to roll back an application.
* How to create and upload deployment certificates.

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